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Traduzione in Inglese e Francese.
Catechesis N. 172
TO -   The justice quoted by Jesus is the observance of equity, so it is a strong call to honesty, correctness, and righteousness. "I tell you, if your justice does not exceed that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."                                                                                                                                         B - We are aware that God sees and knows everything perfectly, He alone knows in detail what design the enemies of this world and even their most secret thoughts. Sa seemingly peaceful maneuvers of those who are interested in carrying out a diabolical plan that love it to Satan Islamize Europe, the world and even the universe if it were possible.
C - Today's feast should give pause to parents on the important role of educators who must engage them fully. The company controlled by dark powers also determines the split of the family, speaking with the media, celebrities ads support any sexual depravity and even with the support and the intervention of the Italian State. D - The parable of the ten virgins teaches us that Jesus is only if the heart remains waiting for the meeting, so vigilant, should also be the lamp of faith burning. E - The song of praise to the young Mary raised to God Almighty, contains great truths and makes us know in part the qualities of this maiden. He is still a young country girl when he receives in his womb the eternal Son of God, and the Almighty becomes Son also of Mary of Nazareth.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 5.20 to 26)
Anyone who adores with their own brother must be subjected to judgment.
TO -   The justice quoted by Jesus is the observance of equity, so it is a strong call to honesty, correctness, and righteousness. "I tell you, if your justice does not exceed that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."
In everyday life you lose control and in the most complicated circumstances you act instinctively, following your own mentality. Just in moments of greater pressure and disorientation comes out that inner part and truth that perhaps the same person does not know deeply.
Anger is a vice similar to a sack, suddenly snaps, and does not stop it if it does not happen before the drainage of the harrow.
Even on this vice, you have to work every day to understand the reasons for the shot and the consequent bad demonstration of failing to control the internal motions. But no Saint was at birth, for all there is hope.
Holiness is attainable by everyone in this life, and speaking of holiness overwhelms the weaker, those who fall often in sins. There have been great Saints who have come to conversion after a life devoted to debauchery, such as Sant'Ignazio di Lojola, St. John of God, San Camillo de Lellis.
Jesus calls everyone to holiness, though not many receive special gifts and charisms for the benefit of mankind as the stigmata, the examination of hearts, the knowledge of the past life of the believer who asks for help, the mediating force easily get miracles, the Gift of healing and liberation.
Saints receive these charisms to help Christians and those who convert. These mystics not only have given their lives to God, but they continually cease to follow the Word of God faithfully. The Saints we venerated were men and women who lived in the same life as others, but in a remarkable way.
If the perfect perfection you can reach it only in Heaven, in this life everyone we have millions of opportunities to abandon the old to selfish mentality, liar, arrogant and proud, to be clothed goodness, thoughts purity of blamelessness that looks impossible but It becomes possible with the help of Grace.
Irreproachability is the extreme correctness of the Christian's behavior, of course, we are here at elevated spiritual levels but can be honest to the last fiber and I mean first of all the intellectual honesty followed by practical honesty.
Spiritual life must be cared for by the passion of those who want to transform something of his person and in our case we want to become strong in spirit. The culturist instead cares only of the body and wants to transform it as a Greek statue, becoming an adorator of idol and body.
The sacrifices of the practitioner of the body are inanarable, perhaps only to show the inflated muscles and give granies and hard arias or pectorals.
What links the exhibition of the body and we can imagine the damage to the spiritual life, all of them slip into human mental weakness.
In order to transform a flaccid body into a granite statue, immense exercises and sacrifices are needed, which only many people think is faint. However, it is aimed only at the appearance of the outside and in the wrong way, so a specific nutrition is used and the change of body composition is ultimately the ultimate goal, thus increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat.
These exercises carried out to free the body from fat and improve mobility, well, the problem comes from the idolatry of the body.
The practice of culture is, however, a very useful comparison to understand that sacrifices and indescribable penances are performed with pleasure and transport to have a statuary body, while the care of the spiritual building present in us is built with the Sacraments and Practice Virtues to become strong in spirit.
And how can the good and the great Christian take care of the spiritual life, all the culturists do not imagine for sure.
To understand how to proceed in the spiritual life is necessary to the meeting with a spiritual father for advice and walk you to the best. In the meetings that we will do when we find the conference room, there will be time to talk to me, ask for advice and spiritual help, prayers for all your needs.
Jesus wants to donate much more than he is asked! "Ask and you'll get it." Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 6,1-6.16-18)
Your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you.
B - We are aware that God sees and knows everything perfectly, He alone knows in detail what design the enemies of this world and even their most secret thoughts. Sa seemingly peaceful manoeuvres of those who are interested in carrying out a diabolical plan that love it to Satan Islamize Europe, the world and even the universe if it were possible.
Those who speak of the need to accommodate the Muslims and to give even more than they possess Italians (absurd but true), are animated solely by the plan Kalergi and feel-good words, sentimental, full of love ... fake, want at all costs to destroy the Christianity.
Unfortunately there are many cardinals who work not within the Church to facilitate the Muslim invasion? Read their interviews and understand who they are!
I always wrote that immigrants should be loved and welcomed in Italy if they have the requirements, while those who have no concrete purpose can not live without a job, a home, a prospect. They will remain for twenty years and maybe more than ever in reception centers, which only serve and enrich and several politicians especially of the left and their accomplices
If you have no requirement, 95% of immigrants should be returned, where they live far better, with their families, and nations must take charge of their needs instead of spending billions of dollars in arms and in studies to manipulate medicines, Plants and poison the air.
Those who do not document, do not research, and do not follow, conferences of great scientists in favor of life and Christians, is surprised by reading these considerations, but it does little to study scientific documents and the result of in-depth research.
These days we have seen a crescendo of absurd statements, rambling in requests because false, very favorable reception generalized, the Italian citizenship to be given to children, with a hypocritical and stupid excuse: "They're just kids" ...
But these children will be adults in a few years, and like thousands of other Muslims already present in Italy, will train a physical training and have a massive tonnage to accomplish all kinds of violence, aggression and a permanent replacement for the Italians in the Italian territory. Although this seems like a novelty, but it is documented from reliable sources that the majority of young Muslims living in Italy is waiting to make dramatic gestures that unfortunately are coming.
Who will be guilty? Of all these politicians and other unsuspecting people who shout for humanity and with their face talk speak with their choked voice ...
There are people in Italy who, with impostors, decant the need for Italy to accommodate millions of immigrants, and come to ask the entry of sixteen million people from Africa by 2020, but these Italians so considerate with the Africans, forty years ago, wanted abortion and favored denaturity in Italy.
The most serious denatality in Italy is not just the blame of the Italians' fears about the future or thinking of their career, work, and fun; There is also a declining birth rate driven by the unwitting use of drugs by fertile women who become infertile ...
The plan provides a demographic change in Italy, a plan to be implemented soon, and after decades of work in the closing stages.
So in these last days many claim the ius soli, have an impulsive rush, a frenzy that does not come from God ... From Him alone comes peace, truth and the good of others. Senate law will soon be voted on, while authoritative and coherent figures from the Catholic world (laity ...), economic and political, speak of a misfortune for Italy's approval of ius alone.
The ius soli (Latin for "right of soil") is a legal expression that indicates the acquisition of citizenship of a given country as a result of the legal fact of being born on its territory regardless of the nationality of the parents.
Italians will still have less aid from the state, fewer job opportunities, fewer hopes of the future than it is already obscure.
Citizenship must earn after many years of honest work and reliability of the applicant. Only in Italy we ask for the ius sole ...
Some beautiful soul likes to repeat that even the Italians have migrated to other nations, and it is true, but their intent was to work and not to occupy the United States or to commit terrorist acts or to live in hotels on behalf of the US state .
Those who carry this comparison are not in good faith and contradict easily.
Many defend the ius soli almost more of their own lives, it is an evil and cursed goal against the Italians, and these characters are driven inwardly by a force that forces them with their acceptance, to pursue projects against the Good, against the Italians, these politicians are manipulated by devils.
They have inconceivable reasons, opposed to Christianity and Italian citizens.
Many Italians do not know about it while others have read or read this looming danger and remain indifferent because they have a good income, have the stock, are friends of those who count and the ius soli and the Islamic invasion they do not create any discomfort ...
Will they say and do the same today if some terrorist should somehow cause them or their family to suffer?
Today Jesus invites us to pray as He did, in silence and in ra ccolti places. You can also pray in the prayer group healthy ones, here in the Association and the meeting is effective and you live good experiences, if you please with simple, inward mode, confident.
"When you pray, enter your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is in the secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you. " The room is not just a silent and intimate place, it is a matter of getting back into it, gathering and meeting Jesus and the Madonna with a confident and simple prayer. It is the prayer of the heart.
Those who pray with love receive many rewards and consistently also high gifts from the Holy Spirit. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 13.1 to 9)
Part of the seed fell on the good soil and yielded fruit.
C - Today's feast should give pause to parents on the important role of educators who must engage them fully. The company controlled by dark powers also determines the split of the family, speaking with the media, celebrities ads support any sexual depravity and even with the support and the intervention of the Italian State.
Never in Italy had come to influence citizens to divert them not only from the Law of God to the traditional family, even from the logic itself on the reasonableness of marriages between men and women to guarantee a future to this world without morality.
Yesterday a deputy Democratic Party has let slip the correct phrase but then retracted for unbalanced attacks of many politicians of his deployment, and plays back the interest for the future of Italy and Italians. He said: "Supporting mothers to continue the Italian race."
Nothing unusual if we consider the presence in Italy of a few millions of homeless people or placed in reception centers and in many hotels.
The economic turnover is significant and it is incalculable for the Italian hotels that have decided to close the tourists to welcome only clandestine, considering that they will remain in Italy who knows how many years yet. Even hotels that housed the participants in the contest "Miss Italy" have chosen to accommodate irregular, closing the doors Italians.
Who has led and guided this bestial deviation from the natural mentality of men and women? They are dark, faceless characters, and for this they are dark powers. Some names have been known in recent years, among them there are also known Italians who participate in the secret meetings of Bilderberg.
To learn more about the role of this satanic group and the aims pursued, that listen to this extraordinary testimony of Judge Ferdinando Imposimato
Although the main reference is the death of two incomparable, unreachable, exceptional judges like Falcone and Borsellino, who explains who is acting in the darkness. Namely, the infamous Bilderberg group. It is a global government that acts in the shadows and wants to manage democratic progress and succession, especially in the Western nations. Italy is the least protected and d is used for the experiments.
I specify that I do not deal with politics, I write to express my opinion on the policy, even if a Christian should explain the "Social Doctrine of the Church," I write to defend the Church and Italy not to defend my political position. I only defend the Gospel of Christ and I appreciate only those who favor the Holy Church, of any political credo.
I have never followed the names but the political program if it favors the Church of God or not.
I write to defend the Law of God, Catholic morality, Christian values, and for years I have understood in prayer the slanderous attack on the Holy Church. I have written in various Catechesis about "the problems we have in the Church."
After the publication of the Catechism devious attacks, dark and unfortunately Also inside and I quickly have been incalculable. This explains that I never thought of the benefits and benefits of having the power, but to defend Jesus Christ and his Gospel, the Madonna and the Holy Church.
My complaint about these and other immoral behaviors originates solely from a strong will to defend pure Christianity. I do not want to intrude on political management in itself but are obviously called to explain to others the moral or immoral choices of a government as well.
I do not care who governs but if ag SOEC for the good of the Italians and for the common good.
This escapes the Christian who follows politics ideologically and does not care about the Church or the immoral laws that are approved. This indifference that shows the lack of a moral in the Christian is the symptom of the lack of conversion and of a non-existent love for the Church of Christ, then of Jesus Himself.
I do not care about the name of the politician and the party of those who rule in Italy, I'm only interested in respecting the moral law, the Church of God, the social welfare of the citizens. This only pushes me to highlight the mascalones of dark characters of power groups that have corrupted the mindset of many Italians with more or less known deceptions.
The meddling of "gender" in theory now is what made Italian schools, but many parents do not understand the terrible danger of this initiative, which attaches directly and indirectly the future of God, and that will inevitably affect the future of their children.
In this government there is a minister who has not even graduated from high school, but must carry forward the theory "gender".
This is an excerpt from an article from December 15, 2016 published by Huffington Post, a left-wing newspaper.
"New Storm on New Education Minister Valeria Fedeli. After the controversy triggered by false information on her curriculum, in which she took into account a degree in Social Science that she has ever achieved, now she focuses on her schooling.
Again, this time the first case is raised by the director of "The Daily Cross" Mario Adinolfi: "The faithful have never failed maturity, but only three years to do the teacher.Then I graduate from private social worker. This is the new Minister of Public Education who declared himself a 'graduate in Social Science'. I hope students and teachers at each encounter the burial ground. "
The minister's staff, contacted by the Huffpost, confirmed: "We had already explained it over the last few days, you did a school to get a master's degree in kindergartens lasting three years" and then the famous school for assistants social. "Nothing new, Adinolfi legitimately expresses his opinion of what titles should or have" no Minister of Education.
Unlike the "graduation diploma" inserted for "lightness" - as she herself is justified in an interview with the Corriere della Sera - her diploma of maturity is not mentioned in her curriculum vitae.
However, the fact that the Minister of Education did not have a degree in maturity, although not a legally required requirement for this role, fueled new controversy. No coincidence: the school sector has undergone over the years several changes in the rules for access to education, causing many inconveniences to aspiring teachers. "
It is impossible for a true Catholic does not get angry knowing that the minister in question for years struggle for the "gender" theory and argues openly and every opportunity immoral choices of "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).
The words of the deputy, "support for mothers to continue the Italian race", is correct and should be ashamed of how they want employment in Italy of Muslims, millions of Africans to create a new caste society. It is the Masonic plan called "Kalergi".
Also the deputy later explained to calm the fiery colleagues who find peace if Italy come tens of millions of illegal immigrants. "We are a country that risks extinction in a few decades." Words correct but a Communist immediately hit back against her and is the "Left Italian Secretary": "The heat apparently is really bad."
This political Renzi that should defend the poor and the working class, on the other hand is elated if they come in Italy million illegal!
Catholic parents should firstly reflect on the mysterious reason that led to the presence of the faithful in the Ministry of the Institution, the one that deals with the human / school formation of all young people starting with children.
It is not so much the scandal of the lack of diploma in maturity or the falsity of the degree in Social Sciences, it is unfortunate to know that it has been put there because it is the supporter of theories completely opposed to Catholic morality.
Your children and young people who are still studying are being educated for purposes contrary to the truth, the logic of the existence of man and woman, the virtuous teaching that is expected of all schools. But Italy is the nation of silence / assent, even of school reform today considered wrong by those who wanted it.
Today's celebration tells us in the Saints Gioacchino and Anna the models that must inspire Catholic parents. They deserved to give birth to a creature who became the Mother of God, precisely because Immaculate since its conception. These humble parents would never have imagined the Omnipotence for Grace that would have reached their Daughter.
A Bruno Cornacchiola, Our Lady appeared to him April 12, 1947 in the Grotto at Tre Fontane in Rome, said: "I am the one who are in the Divine Trinity. Revelation am the Queen ". The same words that Our Lady has repeated a Mystic.
Saints Gioacchino and Anna may intercede for all their parents, even for those who in their life have scandalized their children with licentious behaviors or harmful choices for them all and still sought after.
The children want to see their parents uplifting examples and not a messy, incoherent, unrestrained, incorrigible act.
Parents are responsible for both the religious education of children and their human growth. A balanced and sincere life on the part of the parents, without falsehood and omission, makes their children happy and they grow with great serenity, strength of mind, consistency, and religiosity. Good prayers to all.
Madonna Orione
Madonna di Lourdes San Luigi Orione

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