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Catechesis N. 174
TO -   An initial misunderstanding clarifies it at the outset: Jesus does not remain indifferent to the suffering of the Canaanite woman, but regards his condition as pagan and oppressor to Judaism and for justice does not deserve such an important Grace.
B - Eight days after her Assumption into heaven, we celebrate his kingship granted by the Creator to the creature who fully corresponded to its will. The coronation of Queen is the consequence of his greatness before the Most Holy Trinity, it is an honor to the Mother of the Everlasting Word who takes on a Body and becomes visible to humanity.
C - Small Jesus blesses and means in today's Gospel, in modern society are few, the reason is the forgetfulness of God. They remember every form of pleasure except to pray to God. D - The two quotes that we have meditated Yesterday enabled us to better understand the real situation within the Church, it is a true enlightenment on the darkness that conceals projects that are being implemented and that will cause an unimaginable schism in the Church.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 15,21-28)
Woman, great is your faith!
TO -   An initial misunderstanding clarifies it at the outset: Jesus does not remain indifferent to the suffering of the Canaanite woman, but regards his condition as pagan and oppressor to Judaism and for justice does not deserve such an important Grace.
Jesus was sent by the Father to educate the people about the new Alliance and to make known the Holy Trinity to the Jewish people because they believe in God, and this people pray according to the directions given by God to Moses and which concern many precepts beyond the Ten Commandments.
The Canaanite woman is a pagan, does not worship God and lives without addressing the problem of God's existence. For justice deserves nothing and her cry is deplorable and altered, without a true love for Jesus and her Father, the Jews nevertheless considered A single God without Son and for them is Yahweh.
Surely, it is compassionate for the cry of a mother who begs for help for her daughters possessed by demons, is not balanced the act of becoming pitiful when there is a need and once passed for the help received from God or the prayers of A Priest, he returns to live fervently forgetting all the good received.
Good mothers who appear in the Gospel always show concern and care for their children. It is the Jewish women who observe the Commandments, and it also does this pagan woman who had never sought God, feeling too confident of himself, as the pagans do.
The misunderstanding of Jesus' non-listening is often left suspended, not explained by those who no longer feel the presence of the Lord, those who should burn love for Jesus Christ.
Instead of explaining that the Lord does not listen to the Canaanite woman for an act of justice because she must first provide for the people of believers, they point Jesus almost as a man who is insensitive to the mother's tears.
Faith immediately makes it clear that Jesus is not insensitive to the Canaanite, is she not having the requisites to obtain this Grace.
If God is Love, He is always and toward all, He does not discriminate against human beings, but He is also Justice, He gives help and Thanks to those who deserve it!
In the commentary on the Gospel of Sunday I wrote these clarifications that I carry out to better focus on who Jesus Christ is.
"Jesus also loves the greatest vicious and dishonest. At the moment of their repentance, they forget all their sins. Everything is deleted!
Jesus is the Love that loves everyone, loves man as it is! "
It is not conceivable the low sensitivity of the eternal Love that is incarnated to fill all who welcome Him. It is, in fact, those who welcome him and follow his teachings, and free will allows personal choices. Even the Canaanite woman freely made the choice to be pagan.
The woman's supplication makes us meditate on the value of prayer.
Prayer is a broad term and not everyone knows the full meaning of prayer. It consists in addressing the sacred dimension with word or thought. Determined is what is meant by sacred fact, for the Hindus the cow is sacred, the animists worship sacred idols such as objects and places, and the examples are many.
Prayer for what is considered sacred must necessarily receive the answer from the one who is worshiped and in our case is God. If the deity that is loved does not respond, every prayer is useless and illusory.
The Catholic God responds to every invocation of help, is his desire to give uninterrupted Thanks, but he does not always find in the believers the right internal provisions. He does not get anything he deserves for his lost life and repentance.
One important reflection concerns how to ask the Thank you. It begins with an introspection or examination of conscience to know us, to evaluate what is being done in everyday life and for what purpose. One must come to understand the reasons for certain behaviors opposed to love, truth, justice, and therefore the gospel.
Christians who have their heart hardened because of the multitude of sins ever confessed, have lost their spiritual sensitivity and are projected to projects that God does not share and in any case leaves them free to pursue. The consequences can not be attributed to God, and whoever recriminates is also dull.
Saint Thomas teaches that our request for help is not intended to change the Divine Will, but to obtain what he already intended to grant us at our request. Therefore it is necessary to ask the Lord tirelessly, since we do not know what kind of prayer God expects us to fill in to give us what he wants to give us.
We must also invite other people to pray for the sentient ambitious intentions we cultivate in our hearts, and for all that we want to obtain from the Lord. St Thomas gives a version that Jesus does not immediately answer the Canaanite woman: she wants the disciples to intercede for her, thus showing us how much the intercession of the Saints is necessary to obtain some thanks.
The quality of personal prayer must include perseverance, faith, and humility.
We must always ask the Faith with Faith and we are incalculable every day the miracles that get those who have a deep Faith and humbly ask, with persevering imploring. It is not enough to repeat it once or for a day.
The same faith exhorts prayer, the gloomy prayer obtains the stability of the Faith. The two are intimately united.
The Canaanite woman asks and receives because she first believes in Jesus, then for her perseverance that annoys her and the humility of being considered a puppy who eats the crumbs falling from the table. True prayer is born in a humble and repented heart of their sins.
Jesus never despises a contrite and repentant heart, He resists superpowers and gives Grace to the humble.
The Lord wants us to ask many things, first of all those that refer to the soul, since we are troubled by many ills in the soul and are not perceived as the diseases of the body.The diseases of the soul appear outwardly and the person looks sad, frustrated, confused, unstable, restless, dissolute, filled with impulsive choices and always wrong.
It is necessary for the Divine Doctor to heal from the illness of the soul and Jesus gives his mediators who choose to intercede, Light, spiritual capacity, and exact knowledge to intercede with Faith. The humble and persevering prayers of those who pray with Faith, like Father Pio and Luisa Piccarreta, receive from the Heart of Jesus all that the soul needs and the body of those who suffer and often fail to understand the nature of their suffering.
Jesus is always ready to repeat to every believer who prays well, healing words gave the Canaanite woman, "" Woman, great is your faith! You are done as you wish. " And from that moment her daughter was healed. " Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Lk 1: 26-38)
Here you will conceive a Son and give it to light.
B - Eight days after her Assumption into heaven, we celebrate his kingship granted by the Creator to the creature who fully corresponded to its will. The coronation of Queen is the consequence of his greatness before the Most Holy Trinity, it is an honor to the Mother of the Everlasting Word who takes on a Body and becomes visible to humanity.
The celebration of Mary Queen tells us that this award is granted to her for her merits, for her life given to God, and God never forgets the good that she does in her Name. Each of us always receives from God those additional aids for the good works that are done.
This feast was established by Pius XII in 1955 and it is alongside that of Christ the King. On August 22, the celebration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was celebrated, the move took place to place the present day immediately after the Assumption to Heaven Of Blessed Virgin Mary.
The title of Queen indicates a place of singularity and prominence next to Christ the King, and Papa Pio XII in his encyclical "Ad Caeli Reginam" (October 11, 1954), sets out the various securities She attributed, not only by the devotion of the Christian people , Considering above all how much Sacred Scripture affirms to you and how far it has been handed down by Tradition.
This Feast of Our Lady indicates to humanity not only as Mother of the Head and members of the Mystical Body, it manifests her power of august Sovereign and Queen of the Church, who makes her participate not only in the royal dignity of Jesus but also in her The power of intercession, and also of operative sanctification of the members of the Mystical Body.
Maria Regina is a title that does not indicate you as a mistress who only commands, this can support those who do not have a simple Marian devotion. She is the winner over evil, as is stated in Genesis: "I will crush your head" (Gen 3:15).
It is the conquering Lady of the peoples who leads to his Son Jesus, and is a spiritual achievement that takes place in full respect for everyone's freedom. His own appearances do not want to impose on anyone what he says, his are appeals of love to all his sinful sons. He invites them to return to God and leave the way of perdition.
It is a true Mother who cares for those who do not care about eternal life, any form of danger in this life, the behavioral deviations that easily capture without letting them reflect on who suffers. In a world without identity, the Queen and Mother of all come to tell us the Way of true joy in this life as well.
In the appearances it presents itself as the Lord's Servant, does not expose his Omnipotence for Grace, and chooses almost always the children to make known his human maternal references to humanity. His are exhortations and warnings to those who have forgotten that they are only creatures and are considered small or big divinities or for pride or sectarian teaching.
Those who know and pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary consider in her the presence of all Good gifts from God, venerate for the super-abundant Love poured out of God not only as a reward for her docility and the humble hiding which gave glory to her Son's works , Also to help humanity.
But only a small part recognizes you as Mother.
The Virgin Mary is Queen because her Son is King of the Universe. He shared with each other every choice in the earthly life, so in Heaven shares the royalty that is expressed in a maternal and suffering love toward his children far from God.
She is a Queen who loves and does not condemn, wants to give any help to those who turn to her and pray to her. Devils tremble as the Ave Maria says, the Angels are his servants, and the Chief of the Celestial Army, Saint Michael, is his first servant. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 19.13 to 15)
Do not keep children from coming to me; To whom it is like them, in fact, belongs the kingdom of heaven.
C - Small Jesus blesses and means in today's Gospel, in modern society are few, the reason is the forgetfulness of God. They remember every form of pleasure except to pray to God. He is the Father of all but a few Lo Honor and how can a Father still fall in love with his children to accept this refusal?
Parents who read my words include the painful meaning of the indifference of a child, the betrayal of a daughter, the irrational negation that elevates those who have been raised with great love and dedication.
We have a Father in Heaven, we know his thought because he revealed the eternal Son, we know that he asks us to accept his will to establish a profound relationship. We Christians know the Father, not only because Jesus revealed Him, we believe in Him for Faith, for Jesus could not come into the world without being sent by the Father.
We know that the Father is there and he loves us as we are. He asks everybody an answer and observes his Word.
The little ones of the Gospel today are few in the world for both the amorous ruin of society and the plan for the destruction of the Church and therefore also of the Christian morality, carried out by the Prelates affiliated with ecclesiastical Freemasonry. No longer they obey Jesus and show their works and the words a de facto separation of the Churchby the Holy Spirit. Their modernist and destabilizing proposals, if they please those who do not pray, slander God greatly.
I sent you the 33 directives written in 1962 by the Grand Master to the Bishops to put into effect the most refined and dangerous deception of history against the Church. The 33 directives for many affiliated Prelates have become their bible, this is their guide now and they undertake uncommon efforts to observe the 33 points, wrapped up by a rebel spirit.
I will send new mind for all Associates this plan against the Church, almost all of the directives have been implemented, some of them is missing.
It is a terrible attack against the Church, is also present in the 3rd Secret of Fatima struggle within the Church cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops. He has thoroughly discussed the scholar and Dominican Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, he has written several books on the infiltration of Freemasonry within the Church to humanize iesa Ch. From Divine she wants to make it human, no more no biblical law. We read something from the writings of Father Cavalcoli:
"The implacable, subtle and insidious struggle of Freemasonry to destroy the Church is judged to be an obstacle to the light of the reason and the will of the will and the freedom. In Freemasonry, as far as we do not believe in the existence of Satan in the Christian sense, as a spiritual person, however, since the Bible itself rejects it to a transcendent God in the sense above, Satan, for Mason (cf the famous Carducci's "Hymn to Satan") is seen as the force of reason and will that liberates man from the pride of the Priests and the Church.
In this sense, there is a "satanic worship" in Freemasonry. The Masonic project against the Church today seems to be to systematic attempt to reduce the Church to society that claims to "Supernatural", "Faith", founded upon a revelation the Divine and "supernatural" energies to a just human society, solidarity and Philanthropic, under the total control of the state, with ideals of simple human justice, natural honesty, earthly peaceful coexistence, cultural and philosophical progress, based on only natural religion, circumscribed within natural, personal, social ethics political, respectful of human rights, tolerant and open to dialogue with everyone, without claim to possess absolute truth and Divine (the "dogmas") or being in the name of God, guide of all humanity towards happiness. In fact, Freemasonry attributes this role to itself.
His infiltration into the Church is very powerful. The Masonic plan nowadays does not seem to be a lax, gross and gross secularism, but rather the prospect of infiltrating clergy, religious, theologians and the Hierarchy, or at least influencing their ideas, convincing them of that image of Church I described above.
Secularism blatant and vulgar only serves to Freemasonry to give the Church the illusion of an external enemy to fight (for example the issue of the "seven"), diverting his attention from internal enemies, who are far more dangerous, as already He noted St. Pius X in the famous "Pascendi" encyclical about modernists, who today, as yesterday and more than yesterday, are excellent vehicles of Masonic infiltration within the Church, especially the Rahner followers, the Rahnerians.
Emptying inside. The Masonic plan of destruction of the Church seems to have its emptying from within, keeping the apparatus, structures and external behaviors, language, rituals, places and historical memories almost unaltered: a typical operation of hypocrisy, as already Yahweh says by the prophet, "This people honor me with my lips, but her heart is far from me." In particular, a Jesuit, such as the deceased and most dangerous Rahner, is, for example, able to preserve Catholic language almost unchanged, but to give the words meaningful, immanentistic, gnostic, idealistic, kantian, heideggerian or anything else.
Instead of keeping the concepts mutually changing the terms that express them (this is the true teaching of the Council), the concepts change while maintaining the same words (this is the method of modernists). Thus, for example, we continue to talk about "God", "truth", "freedom", "faith", "charity", "grace", "supernatural", "person", "Church "and so on, but the meaning is no longer a Catholic one.
Abandoning Absolute Truths. But this is not enough: the plan of destruction also includes the suppression of words that can not be recycled, such as "predestination", "elected", "Purgatory", "hell", "merit", "prize" "Punishment", "transubstantiation," "atonement," "reparation," "immolation," "ascetic," and so on.
One method of this infiltration is the conquest of directional posts in the Church and infrastructures, such as religious environments, publishers, media, technical and financial institutions, schools and academic institutions, bureaucratic organization, parish and diocesan works.
This penetration occurs in soft and sweatshirt shape but entirely determined and systematic, without giving the eye and giving shows liberal and tolerant attitudes; but gradually that power is won, is felt increasingly heavy arrogance of those who remain faithful to the Church, by resorting to slander, denigration, exclusion, intimidation, threats, exclusion from functions Directors or government, despite the merits acquired.
Towards a Deformed Church. Another aspect of this subtle Masonic penetration in the Church is the fact that he is able to act masquerading without revealing his plan openly, rather disproving any suspicion in that sense, and that is logical from his point of view in order to To be able to fool the naive better.
In this way, it serves as ecclesiastics deviated above all by neo-mechanism, which act with extreme caution and skill in this systematic deformation of the Church, which, in the final intentions of this diabolical purpose, should lead to its destruction as a supernatural society and Its reduction to a purely sociological entity, so that it can be fully dominated and controlled by the public authorities and by the state, by a state which is the absolute source of law and law according to the traditional totalitarian scheme, well described by Bishop Luigi Negri in his book (Rethinking modernity, Editrice Cantagalli, Siena 2003).
The face of the Masonic-neo-modernist Christianity. As in Saint Pio X's modernity, even today's Masonic modernism, much stronger, destructive, witty and widespread than that of the times, is given by a powerful and complex international organization of intellectuals that has been operating for decades, Which sees them in a common historical, literary, archaeological, philological, philosophical, theological, biblical, liturgical, moralist, sociologist, cinematic, television, scientist, and "mystic" collaboration.
It is surprising how, beyond circumscribed disagreements between them, are able to form a kind of antiChiesa which has in itself a considerable internal coherence, so that it all the more makes an impression on the unwary, how much more, being the birth of such a mass Of characters who appear authoritative for their knowledge and influence on people, the conception that they propose has the appearance of truth.
Like modernity in the times of St. Pius X, even this Masonic modernism can be briefly described with characters that have a certain degree of precision, although the infiltrators argue that true Christianity is "athematic" and "pre-conception". But they actually pull this excuse for fighting Catholic dogma. In fact they have very specific concepts to be proposed as absolute truth, and woe betide anyone who contradicts them. "
Carefully reading this letter of Father Cavalcoli, it understands well the historical gravity and the internal battle that is living today the Church. I must point out that not all Masons celebrate a cult to Satan, there are those who follow intenzio nally these rites. Don ....... Wrote that there are Cardinals in the Vatican who celebrate satanic masses ...
Father Malachi Martin wrote a book published in 1996 "WindsweptHouse" (The house swept by the wind) and never translated into Italian. Martin's thesis, according to which a satanic ritual would have been celebrated in the Pauline Chapel in the Vatican, had already been resumed and deepened by Francesco Colafemmina. We read:
"According to the book on June 29, 1963 in the Vatican, and for the sake of accuracy in the Pauline Chapel, a satanic ritual was attended by high Prelates, Bishops, and some of the Clergy. Martin was concerned with fulfilling a prophecy of modern satanism that proclaimed the beginning of the satanic era at the time a Pope had assumed the name of Paul. The last Pope Paul was Camillo Borghese, who died in 1621. On June 21, 1963, Pope was elected Cardinal Montini, who assumed the name of Paul VI. Martin then recounts that during the night between 28 and 29 June of '63, one week after the election of Paul VI, this satanic ritual was organized in the Vatican with the aim of intruding Satan into the heart of Christianity. "
"Satanists, however, writes Colafemmina could not organize a full ritual: how they could bring the victim and the sacrificial animal in the Apostolic Palace? They therefore decided to combine two rites to be officiated simultaneously. An impurity in the Vatican, in the Pauline Chapel, and another, bloody, to be officiated in the US. The rites would take place simultaneously and synchronized with a phone. Who did I officiate in the Vatican? Martin does not say that. He speaks only of senior officials and priests. As for the parallel rite it is clearer and it is said that it was in a parish church in South Carolina and officiating it was such a "Leo Bishop". Such a name can not be casual at all. And in fact in the only diocese of South Carolina we find in 1964 Bishop Ernst Leo Unterkoefler. Everything was true. "
In the preceding text of Father Cavalcoli on Infiltrated Freemasonry, there are so many important points to reflect upon, affecting the subtle ability to preach with biblical words, but for them they have a contrary and modernist significance. Or, the "arrogance exercising subtly on those who remain faithful to the Church, by resorting to slander, denigration, exclusion, intimidation, threats".
Today Jesus says that only the little ones receive the Light of God and understand the Truth, this is only possible if the Commandments are observed and the Sacraments are practiced well. Only then does the emptying of the human spirit take place so that the Spirit of God transfigures the person and makes it new. In this time you have to dedicate more time to prayer, go to Mass even on weekdays if you can and recite more Rosary Crowns.
It is the times dominated by the Antichrist that will be presented publicly because accredited by some powerful and many will follow it. The confusion will be worse than the time of Babylon and few will remain faithful to the Truth of the Gospel and of th e Church. We know that the Association follow the Antichrist is to betray Jesus and the Church, we will act motivated by strong faith.
I and many priests know much more than I am writing here, but it is not appropriate to write it now, the events themselves will primarily reveal aberrant things ... The events, yes, will be the times when the deceptions of those who are no longer working the Lord, but for the devils and are curved downwards, where there is much human reward, ending up deeper and deeper into the abyss of hell for all eternity.
But it will fail to win the Church, the gates of hell shall not prevail, It will seem defeated and destroyed but the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph and evil will perishn the eternal fire prepared for them. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 19.16 to 22)
If you want to be perfect, sell what you own and you'll have a treasure in the sky.
D - The two quotes which we meditated yesterday allowed us to better understand the real situation within the Church, it is a true enlightenment over darkness that hide projects under construction and that will cause their own in the Church an unimaginable schism.
The prophecy of Our Lady at Fatima already indicates that it will create irreconcilable opposition between the prelates and will be made publicly: "For the Church will be the time of his greatest trials. Cardinals, will oppose the Cardinals; Bishops and Bishops. Satan will march in the midst of their files, he actually succeed in reaching up to the top of the Church; And there will be changes in Rome. What is a toaster will fall, and what will fall will no longer be lifted. The Church will be blurred, and the world upset by terror.Time will be no King, Emperor, Cardinal or Bishop, wait for him who will, however, but to punish according to the designs of the Father. "
I understand that among you that you read there is a different understanding of both the biblical prophecies about what will happen in the Church and the same plan against the holiness of the Church brought forward by many prelates. The 33 directives we read clearly reveal the plan prepared with unequal precision to eliminate the Divine from the life of the Church.
The understanding of the moment the Church lives is different from the Faith that it owns, from the Christian life that it leads, from communion with Jesus. For example, attending the Mass does not all the faithful receive Grace or Grace, there are those who Thanks receives special but this depends on the inner disposition of the believer, it is not enough to see the Mass but live it carefully and interior participation.
Whoever is distracted during the Mass or does not participate with love, receives nothing or may even sin if he is not intentionally interested and remains there only by appearance. To receive fruits during the Eucharistic Sacrifice you have to prepare yourself, so you will come to church at least 15 minutes before the Mass begins and prepare yourself internally with short prayers and invoking the Holy Spirit.
Jesus wants to give Thank you continuously, depends on your personal disposition.
The same as the Holy Rosary is said, if the Ave Maria repeat without inner and loving participation, they are prayers without love and therefore without fruit. There may be distractions or tiredness, but they happen through fragility, but it is important to love the Madonna with the awareness of the power of the Holy Rosary. It is not the repetition of prayers to guarantee the efficacy of the Rosary but the inner participation, the love with which it prays.
How personal participation in the prayers varies from person to person, so is the understanding of the very serious crisis in the Church as well. Catholics who have been praying for a long time, perhaps a few months, still have no interest in defending the Church and worrying about their fate, they still have no mature spirituality to feel true children of the Mother Church, but with their constancy they will soon be better and become more spiritual.
This paper aims to form good Christians, to forward healthy traditional doctrine and the old gospel!
Reading the 33 directives someone will be shocked, it is important to know these documented news, you need to know what those who have betrayed Jesus and want to build a world worship to a theoretical and bestial god are designed. He who is weak in the spirit can feel disorientation, this must prompt him to pray well and very much in the day to receive the Light from the Lord and to know the truth.
The reading of yesterday's text by Father Cavalcoli has given many more determination to defend the Church, they understand that everyone is called to announce the historical Gospel in the places that attend, especially in the family, we must speak of Jesus Christ. It will deny its Divinity within the Church. Is this possible? Already we have heard so many absurd and evil theories, this will join the others.
Before commenting on what you mean by Jesus' yoke, re-we read a short text by the major part of Cavalcoli Father.
"The face of the Masonic-neo-modernist Christianity. As at the time of modernism of St. Pius X, also the Masonic modernism today, far stronger, destructive, skilled and widespread than that of those times, is given by a powerful and complex international organization of intellectuals , now operating for decades, he sees connected together in a common historical collaboration, writers, archaeologists, philologists, philosophers, theologians, biblical scholars, liturgists, moralists, sociologists, filmmakers, television operators, scientists and "mystical."
It is surprising how, beyond circumscribed disagreements between them, are able to form a kind of antiChiesa which has in itself a considerable internal coherence , so that it all the more makes an impression on the unwary, how much more, being the birth of such a mass of characters that appear authoritative for their learning and their influence on the people, the conception that they propose has the appearance of truth. "
With this writing we are forming in the truth, we want to be apostles of Our Lady, imitate the virtues of the Teacher of perfection and we pray with the Holy Rosary, recited with love and meditation. To give greater effect, before praying we must reflect on the value of the Rosary, its power comparable to an exorcism.
Today, Jesus says that those who are tired and seek Him, find rest in Him, because the weights of life often crush the weak. "I or I will give you rest" , in fact Jesus freed from the unbearable weight that are the sins, giving his forgiveness. In Confession made good the Lord sees the penitents tired and oppressed, sees the love of Him and removes the burden that crushes them, confused and discouraged.
Jesus is always ready to lift us from the heavier loads in exchange gives the joyful soul rest because they take away the sins of all happiness. Jesus tells us that those who leave the load full of sins and vices, he shares with his yoke, but is not intended as the yoke of submission tool, is instead a spiritual strength to live the gospel better.
The yoke we know as a device, conceived since antiquity for animal traction, which when applied to the front part of one or more draft animals body, it allows the submission, the attack of a car and the maneuver by of an operator, positioned at the rear or side.
Jesus does not indicate this yoke, gives to those who seeks Him a sweet and pleasant yoke, which allows to overcome the troubled life stages, those sufferings which sometimes overwhelm, the opposition suddenly sprouting. Close to Jesus all suffering becomes sweet and not a burden, every cross you bear with love and you have a great spiritual strength to overcome the killing. It is understandable that if every cross borne with love, it becomes a means of atonement and sanctification.
Whoever walks in the footsteps of Jesus lives in joy, optimism and peace, although the cross is always close. Good prayer to all.
Madonna Orione
Madonna di Lourdes San Luigi Orione

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