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Catechesis N. 175
A - Jesus presents the future society full of hatred and rivalry, even more than was already the case in its land, and presents the sad situation to prepare his apostles. On this page, the Lord educates disciples to the courage and the certainty of the Father's help
B - The Gospel of last Sunday was the Bread of Life, Jesus ù showed himself as a true food that satisfies all human yearning and brings peace to the most instinctive spirits.Moreover, why does it remain in the Tabernacle except to give us all those Thank you for asking for our true conversion and following a path of holiness?
C - The passage of today completes the instruction given by Jesus to the Apostles and in chapter 10 of St. Matthew. Last Saturday we read the first part of the third set of instructions, the Gospel of full today with the second part and touched the first verse of chapter 11.
D - The theme of the correspondence to the grace of God, the fulfillment of what must observe the Christian, goes to chip away at the whole human conviction of those who consider themselves perfect or nearly so, with the sole participation in the festive Mass and even the recitation of a few daily prayers.
+ Gospel (Mt 5:10).
"Blessed are the persecuted for the cause of righteousness, because of them is the kingdom of heaven"
A - Jesus presents the future society full of hatred and rivalry, even more than was already the case in its land, and presents the sad situation to prepare his apostles. On this page, the Lord educates the disciples to the courage and the certainty of the Father's help, forms them in preparation for the evidence they will encounter, of all the difficulties that will arise in order to prevent them from announcing salvation in Christ.
Even if he does not pronounce the name of Satan, the main author of the traps that will tend to disciples will be Satan.
Jesus, however, does not pour out the blame alone on the devils, anticipates that men would also act with malice because they were blinded by the good present in Christians."Beware of men." Three words that express a real concern, even corrupt men come out of bad words and deeds because they are bad without the devils knowing anything ...
Let us recall that St. Catherine of Siena accused many Cardinals of being incarnate demons, they acted against the Pope of time driven by such a bad spirit to be equal to them.And maybe the demons did not know anything about it ...
Bad thing is the malice produced by the human heart, while the bad act of a quiet person is only occasional. We must protect ourselves with much prayer when we know bad people, men or women, only the Grace of God can control them and finally give us victory.
It is not a victory after a verbal fight or other means, for victory I mean the end in some way of a persecution or repentance of who had become like an invisible monster.Indeed, maladies often suffer without knowing the actual origin or understand the driving motive. It is in families, relatives, work, wherever there is a community.
"You will be hated by all because of my name." Persecutions or mischief are then more targeted if you follow Jesus and lead a good Christian life. Then should not you follow Jesus? It is foolish to think of it, we know that deploying with Jesus necessarily involves the envy of his enemies, the failed devils, then those who already live a damned life here and vent their frustrations with their good spirits.
Adversity is the symptom that satan fears us, but when it is all right he commands and does not disturb ... What is better?
I need to clarify these steps. By adversity I mean all those occasions of contrasts with family and friends, misunderstandings between spouses, attacks by people who envision and slander defamations, situations of physical suffering due to actual inadequacies or strange malessers, even temptations of the devils always present to mislead Christians and turn them away from the truth.
The same temptations are not due to bad because they are already in the hands of devils and follow the errors and lost roads going towards the abyss of eternal damnation.
"But whoever has persevered until the end will be saved." The persecution seen as envious attacks and full of malice, Jesus considers them discounted to his true followers, even if they leave an idea of suffering in reality these tests are the real gym to become as it takes God. A Christian walk without evidence would be insignificant and turned off, monotony would never allow the search for help and the need for a more confident prayer.
It is strange or mischievous evidence coming from devils and men to give us the urge to pray more, better, with love.
Persecutions or trials that cause suffering become good for the soul even if I love them as the gall, but they turn from tribulations into spiritual joys, so Jesus invites them to persevere in doing well.
It is not easy for a person who lives in the family and has always behaved rightly, accepting persecution from relatives or friends. Potre bbe wonder why? W e know that evil must sooner or later knock on the door of good to disturb you and try to make them deviate from the historic Gospel to follow the superficiality of the world what the modernists.
"Blessed are the persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Mt 5:10). Justice is the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give God and neighbor what they owe to them.
Justice towards men has to respect each one's rights and to establish in human relationships the harmony that promotes equity towards people and the common good. The righteous man, often referred to in the Sacred Books, is distinguished by the habitual disposition of his own thoughts and the uprightness of his conduct towards his neighbor.
"When you are persecuted in one town, flee to another", is not only a physical escape, we must above all take refuge in fervent prayer and convinced, Jesus eventually solve every adversity and will triumph every truth. The good guys always get justice from God. Good prayer to all.
+ Gospel (Jn 6.24 to 35).
"Whoever comes to me will not starve, and whoever believes in me will not be thirsty, ever!"
B - The Gospel of last Sunday was the Bread of Life, Jesus ù showed himself as a true food that satisfies all human yearning and brings peace to the most instinctive spirits.Moreover, why does it remain in the Tabernacle except to give us all those Thank you for asking for our true conversion and following a path of holiness? Of this I will deal later, first I want to bring some phrases that I wrote last Sunday and spies also gano today's Gospel. The Sunday Gospel, closed with these words of Jesus: "W ho comes to me shall never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst" (Jn 6.24 to 35). In th is review we want to understand how we can feed the disordered passions and put calm the thirst that inflames the mind and drives to perform works opposite to the Gospel. Leg Giamo few sentences last Sunday: "Today Jesus teaches us in the Gospel with repeated clear and substantiated words from his miracles, that He is the true God, the Bread which came down from Heaven to SFAM are hungry souls, He is to allow the willing to be able to calm the hunger wrong, that inclined to selfishness and interests, trampling on the needs and requests them deg others. Only those who find Jesus, find through him the unknown truth to the world, that calms the hunger for life. In the Gospel Jesus he calls many of those He followed her for trying ivano material bread, not his love, truth, eternal salvation. Pe r material bread we can now understand the power within the Church, career placed in front at verything, or for any believing person achieving them interests that vary from case to case. Let us pause a bit 'to reflect what bread we try to Ge upward, if that material and so strumentalizziamo him, or that Divine and we pront ia know how to lose something tofind him. Whoever is not ready to lose something of his or goglio or her behavior over the top, can never be filled with the Spirit of God. there are those who claim that the devotions are useless, SORP assate, insignificant, medieval, instead of the Catechism and the Saints teach us that only by meeting Jesus in the Eucharist and praying with love the Holy Rosary, you can overcome trials and painful agony, than to live as authentic Christians. " I picked up these phrases because the speech of the S ignore today is a continuation of the Gospel of last Sunday, is especially helpful to speak of the importance of the Eucharist. In vast areas of the Church, the Eucharist is ata consider only a piece of bread, perhaps even that the failure bread flavor, still there is a great indifference to the Tabernacle where Ge remains upward to love us closely. Just look if the tabernacle is adorned with flowers, lights, fine table cloths, cleaning, to see if there is no love or indifference. Today we want to understand better what dona Gesù present in the Eucharist, such effectsdevelop remaining in adoration, what happens to the person who makes the Eucharist, adoration, as it is critical for true spiritual growth and nurture a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. As taught by the authentic magisterium, "the 'Eucharist is the center, the source and summit of the life and the Chi esa mission." Without the Eucharist there is nothing and great events can be organized in the diocese or parish, but if Jesus Eucharist is not in the center and the center of all the interest of bishops and priests, nothing is given to believers. There is only the illusion of having organized meetings of catechesis or pastoral events, Divine nothing left. We can say that especially in these times the Eucaristia is the great gift of God is not understood. Jesus throughout his earthly life was Misunderstood, still it continues to be to this day God Unknown, unknown, hidden from the vast majority of Catholics anza. If Jesus is identified with the Bread come down from Heaven wants to tell us that He alone can feed every form of human hunger, but He gives us peace and joy that do mon can not know because it is opposed to him. When you eat the Eucharist, so you take the Com union is not in a state of mortal sin, being truly, really and substantially the Body of God, the Eucharist SEND a SPIRITUAL STRENGTH THAT VARY fROM INNER LLE PROVISIONS oF tHE BELIEVER. Who is fervent and prepared well before th e Mass and remained attentive throughout, without talking with neighbors or think about the cell and other tasks irrelevant at that time, receives no doubt a lot of grace from the Lord Jesus. His life changes rather, it has more clarity and intellect is freer to reason, feels spint or to love everyone, to always express the truth and to have a great sen know of honesty and uprightness. Who takes part in a state of grace in the Mass, participates in the divine life that Jesus sends the Sacrifice, takes part in the fruits that I spring not and get their specific benefits and the Eucharistic Communion. The real presence of the Eucharist Ge upward gives this Sacramento efficacy infinite supernatural.Under the species and ucaristiche Jesus gives himself to us in full, and its presence is developed if the soul is in grace, if it goes off the soul is in mortal sin. Committing even sacrilege. On the contrary, those who participate without interest and sbadatame nte Mass, do not prepare spiritually before and does not remain attentive to the mystery that is SVOL ge under the eyes of faith, receives very little and certainly no grace. It's not the physical presence in the Church to guarantee us the Divine gifts, it is not the role we can play in that 'assembly and even the ecclesial authorities, is the love of Jesus and the honest life to grant us abbo ndanti Thank during Mass . If many understood 0.1% of the value Sacrif icio Eucaristico, remain collected as Angels. Who most loves Jesus during Mass and then immersed in the mixed ro of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, the most Thanks receives, even miracles! The Eucharist is the great sacrament, the center and summit of tutt the other sacraments. Jesus is the Sacrament of the Father, he becomes one of us to transform us into himself. Without his presen za Eucharist and without the adoration of the Eucharist, the believer will never make a real spiritual mino cam. It's impossible! Jesus has made for each of us food of truth and love, and when he asserts that he has given his life for us and that He is the Bread that bakes us, he states that "those who eat of this bread will live forever. He who eats me will live for me. " Those who are worthy of the Eucharist
over time become Eucharistic souls, it absorbs the virtues of Jesus and in his life is transformed by the day. Thus we were formed the Saints, so we want to do or No to continue this holy journey and reach the spiritual transfiguration. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 10.37 to 42)
Whoever does not take the cross is not worthy of Me. Who welcomes you, welcomes Me
C - The passage of today completes the instruction given by Jesus to the Apostles and in chapter 10 of St. Matthew. Last Saturday, we read the first part of the third series of instructions, the Gospel of today completes with the second part coming to the first verse of chapter 11, with this finale indicating that it started to preach the Lord in the cities of the Twelve disciples.
Chapter 10 that we complete today is very rich in instructions also valid for Christians who with love and willingness want to do something for Jesus. It is a moral duty to thank the Lord for the help and thanks he gives us, but it is also a grateful commitment to reciprocate working for his gospel. As I wrote, not everyone is called to go to other cities to talk about Jesus to the distant and to those who run the risk of eternal damnation, but it is a duty to work for the gospel where they live.
The spiritual condition of the people we know touches also our responsibility, we can not remain idle in front of acquaintances who do not pray and start towards the final bankruptcy. We must not insist with verbal violence in speaking of Jesus and of the Gospel, we do not want to hurt anyone, but it is the duty of each of us to act as the apostles of Jesus and to be apostolate.
To shed light on the task of Christians, it takes a phrase contained in the first set of instructions: "Go nowhere among the Gentiles and enter no town of the Samaritans; Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel "(10,5-6). Here Jesus does not give a definite command, it is a momentary apostolic commitment to address only the Jews, but after Pentecost they will go all over the world to preach the Gospel of salvation.
After the Resurrection of Jesus and Pentecost, the Apostles began to preach the Gospel in every corner of the Earth.
The range of action of the Apostles extended to the whole world, they crossed the borders of Palestine and faced shrewd and rapacious enemies, but nobody could win them unless after the completion of their mission. Even in Israel met with hostility and persecution, as good Christians meet today aversion and opposition where they live, even by people close now in the hands of devils.
The full explanation of the passage quoted above and in its entirety, never stop considering a word or phrase detached from the context. For example, always in Chapter 10 another phrase is better understood. "I send you as sheep in the midst of the wolves; so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves "(10:16). The wolves forbid the sheep but this did not happen to the Apostles; no one devoured these sheep without the permission of God.
The earthly life can only be taken away when the Father allows it, until then no one will hurt them.
To feel like being a sheep in the midst of the wolves is not pleasant, one thinks immediately of a violent end but this could not happen to the Twelve because the power of the Father defended them and made them invincible in their mission. They had to imitate the only good thing of the snake, its prudence. In addition, preaching is combined with accursion, so the Gospel is announced with the simplicity of the doves.
The final part of these statements we find in today's Gospel, Jesus repeats for 10 times the indefinite pronoun who, vaguely indicating the quality that should be his follower.Even the song today richie de systematic catechesis, a lesson to explain almost word for word the verses of today's Gospel we meditate, we are still waiting for the group to start the conferences and retreats led by me and you.
Of verses introduced by the pronoun who, I take the first and last to deepen them. "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me." Faithfulness to Jesus will necessarily divide even those who have close ties of blood, and the Christian must not become complicit with the injustices, lies, hatred, and corrupt lives of his family. He can not. It must therefore disagree and oppose, hence the division between them.
Jesus does not want any division or oppression among the family, but becomes an obligation to disagree with the family member who acts with dishonesty. You can not love a father, mother or sons more than Jesus, only He is Truth, Love, Holiness.
Finally, Jesus promises many rewards also to those who support and help his disciples. "Whoever has given a drink of just one glass of fresh water to one of these little ones because he is a disciple, in truth I tell you, he will not lose his reward."
In an apparition Jesus told Santa Faustina Kowalska who gave thanks to all those who helped her, even if they were atheists, hence non-believers. He did it for the sake of the humble Sister, for she was in the same way as God's designs. It was enough to help the Holy Father to receive many thanks from the Lord, but the benefactors did not know it, but they saw the fruit miracles.
With my surprise, in my life I have always seen that the benefactors, all the people who somehow have helped me, have been abundantly helped by God and today despite the crisis they work and above all increase their activities. And families of benefactors live in true happiness, united as never before, overcome painful suffering and serious illness, find their spouse who was lost ... or the children who lived in immorality and were about to lose permanently.
These wonderful facts have happened to hundreds and hundreds of families and people, I do not know how to thank Jesus for listening and his care! He has helped incalculable people who have supported me, he has shown to them that they have done good works and who have actually helped an apostle blessed by Him. He has always given them all proof that I live and act in His Most Holy Name.
Kiss Jesus and thanked him. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Mt 25,14-30)
You have been faithful in the least, take part in the joy of your master.
D - The theme of the correspondence to the grace of God, the fulfillment of what must observe the Christian, goes to chip away at the whole human conviction of those who consider themselves perfect or nearly so, with the sole participation in the festive Mass and even the recitation of some daily prayers.
They forget the true observance of the teachings of the Gospel and the practice of good works, which are done only in the truth.
The two servants who received five and two talents, praised only by the master for their commitment, only observed what the rich man had said for a journey, without diverting to other ways or commitments that are not from God and away from Wedding ring.
In the parable, talent means an ancient unit of measure of mass. It was a reference weight for trade as well as a measure of value equal to the corresponding amount of precious metal. Today, talent is a gift, a genius, a quality. The gifts of God are precious goods to be cultivated so as not to distance themselves from Him.
Evidence of Jesus' perilous distance comes from aridity, lack of spiritual commitment, and opposing choices to the will of God.
This happens to Catholics as well as to those priests who are thoughtful in conducting personality thought initiatives, are seemingly pastoral thoughts but only lead to distraction and it is evident that they greatly rejoice the devils.
They are thoughts that cause anxiety, anxiety, determination to do them immediately.
In these cases, the Catholic walk on the edge of the ravine, is paralyzed in the spirit, by his own manias or obsessions, in the sense that he can not do more than do certain wrong works or to please works that cancel his prayer because Contrary to those who pray well, it is constantly rising in the contemplation of God's things.
Become better and help others with the only presence or with sincere words, day after day becomes more and more like Jesus Christ!
The two servants who received five and two talents have observed the rules of the master, who is Jesus's figure, and receive an overwhelming prize, and with the award increases the esteem, the master's confidence towards them.
The same act fulfills Jesus to those who observe his Word and rewards them with many Thanks, transmits his feelings and becomes new people internally and externally, gives abundantly his Spirit that replaces the human one and paves the way for the diabolical spirit of oppressing that believer as in the past.
Today, Jesus tells us that the true Christian must not only participates king to attend Sunday Mass must in all circumstances of life to observe the Law of God which contemplates the love for all, intellectual honesty and practice, truth, humility goodness, mildness, neglect, etc.
As in the parable, God has given each of us gifts, along with the Commandments and the Holy Scripture, telling us to f a r fructify all the good granted at birth and throughout life. Let us ask if we have considered this and whether our choices follow the will of God.
From our actions we understand who we are in and whether the Spirit of God is present.
Everyone can make this assessment to put themselves in the Way of Truth and to meet True Life. Many share with each other with the determination to gaze sincerely with the Gospel and only in this way show that Jesus and the Madonna really love.
Everyone remains free of his choices, does not push anyone to change pride with truth and obstinacy with obedience to God, and this indicates that Christianity is the true religion of love and free will.
Everyone decides his future: either follows the third servant who, instead of having the fruit of the only talent he received, would bury him in the sense that he did not do so, did not work according to God's Will and made wrong choices, he did not use it according to the provisions received.
Or follow the two sincere and trustworthy servants who have received five and two talents, as well as an authentic Christian begins to work to make them grow with his good works and the denial of what is against Jesus and away from Him. of Madonna becomes easier the path of Faith, the true spirituality of the Gospel is well acquired and the spiritual fruits will be wonderful.
Whoever directs his will in the Will of Jesus, will see the evil change in his life in Good and there will be many thanks he will receive. Good prayers to all.
Madonna Orione
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